xRMLink has 2 main plans with 2 metrics; Widgets or Pages.

If you need custom plan, just contact us. As the nature of Microsoft Azure platform we have virtually no limit on number of widgets, pages or portals.

Choose Your Plan

  • Total # of Widgets
    Widgets are; form, view, calculated field, calendar, custom HTML
  • Total # of Pages
    Portal page is any unique page on navigation. It can have 1 or multiple widgets.
  • Microsoft Azure Hosted
    Web UI are hosted on Azure as an WebApp service. It scales up based on requests on it. Even Azure is backing up it's services we are giving %99.99 connectivity by defining your portal on other regions.
  • Secure SSL Access
    xRMLink service layer is running on Virtual Machines of Azure in order to maintaing their IP addresses. As long as you give an access to hostname/ip addresses we are connecting your Dynamics CRM web service through SSL layer.
  • Support
    Basic Technical Support Plan covers everything about your "how-to" questions during weekdays and weekhours. This support plan is available via e-mail only.
  • *Support Tickets
  • Onboarding Service
    This service starts with a discovery, filling up an questionarre and implementing portal based on your needs. Afterall a training will be given to you to handle your own work.


$395per month
  • 10 Widgets
  • 10 Pages
  • 1 Ticket
  • 2995 USD
    This service covers 3 man/days


$695per month
  • 50 Widgets
  • 50 Pages
  • 3 Tickets
  • 6995 USD
    This service will include 7 man/days


Contact Us
  • Custom
  • Custom
  • Custom
  • 995 USD /day
    After discovery we'll figure out what you need

Support Tickets
xRMLink Support tickets give you access to our support team to assist you with your portal configuration.  After going live with your initial portal navigation, our support team is there to help you get the most out of your xRMLink portal.  You can add more navigation/pages/widgets as your business demands.

  • Email support is available 24×7 (
  • Phone support is available 6am to 5pm Pacific Time at (503) 914-6304 (extension 2)

Onboarding Service


We’ll talk to you and try to understand your needs carefully.

Next Phase


We’ll send you couple question to put them in words.

Put Together

Analysis Document

We’ll gather all information we got and put you in a document to get your approval.

Create Your Portal

We’ll create your portal on base of your 1st discovery. Don’t worry we knoe you want few changes more.

Fine Tuning

We will do fine tuning based on your change requests.


Finally we deliver your portal and it is ready for your customers.

Standard Support

E-Mail Support

You can send us as many questions as you can. We are ready to help you how to build or maintain your portal effectively.

Premium Support

This support is based on ticket.

Phone Support

Call us on weekdays during office hours. We are ready to help you whether you need a new page on your portal or edit the current one.

Remote Support

If you want us to show how we did we can hook up your computer and help on your question.

Coming Soon...
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