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Finally there’s a flexible and affordable way to extend your Dynamics CRM out to your non-CRM users. Engage your partners, dealers, or customers deeply by including them right into one or more of your business processes. Whatever your business processes are, you have CRM users managing the flow of information within your CRM and non-CRM users. Non-CRM users may be other internal workers, or external people like partners or customers.

Let’s face it, you’ve spent valuable time and money customizing Dynamics CRM to fit your business process. Now you can re-leverage that investment by extending it out with an xRMLink Portal. Extend a single entity such as “Lead” to an external sales partners or expand it to Leads, Accounts, and Opportunities for a complete sales process or mix and match with any custom entities you may have.

Control all portal access right from your existing Dynamics CRM system. Whether you have chosen the contact entity or some other built-in or custom entity as the way portal-users will log in, you determine what the portal-user will see. You can even define several portal roles to create a custom set of navigation options depending on the type of user logging in. In a B2B scenario, you can define standard, sales, service and admin roles, or anything else you dream up.

Security is paramount with xRMLink. You control what records each portal user can create, read, update or even delete based on their portal roles, and their relationship to those records. All portal access is SSL encrypted, and all data communication back to your CRM is also.

Onboarding is smooth. Once our solution team has done an extensive discovery session, we’ll set up everything for you. Then we’ll train you on how to manage it going forward. Ive attached a link that explains our onboarding process in more detail.
xRMLink onboarding

Check it out. Get in touch with us. Request a demo here. We’ll discuss your needs and give you access to one of our sample portals.

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