Evolve your Dynamics CRM Strategy

Evolve your CRM Strategy…and bring your Customers closer

Dynamics CRM has come a long way since version 1.0 over ten years ago. An informed conversation about a CRM deployment today might include terms like Business Process Flow, Calculated/Rollup Fields, Mobile, Real-time Workflow, Quick View Forms and Subgrids. None of these were available as recent as version 4.0! And new functionality is coming at an ever accelerating pace.

We now have a robust Dynamics CRM platform with thriving customer and partner ecosystems. As evidenced by the popularity of the CRMUG and eXtremeCRM groups. The customizability, extensibility and ISV options are challenging our imagination to come up with new ways Dynamics CRM can help our businesses, non-profit organizations, or governments.

Q: What’s NEXT?

I’m not asking about the 2016 feature set for Dynamics CRM (the product) but rather, what is the next EVOLUTIONARY step for Customer Relationship Management (the concept)?

A: Bring the Customer into CRM.

Generally speaking, what has been our focus driving CRM forward? Standardize and automate marketing, sales or service processes so we can operate more efficiently and do less busy work? Yes, all good things. But who is missing in this equation? The Customer perhaps? Isn’t the Customer the whole point of all this madness?

The closer in you can bring your Customers into your Sales and Service processes, the more in sync you will be with their needs. So give them ways to interact with your CRM indirectly through a Portal.

How your Customers can serve themselves via a Portal:

  • Create/update a case, follow its progress
  • Search your knowledge base
  • Search product literature
  • Create and submit an order
  • Manage their profile

And if we expand our concept of “Customer” more generally to mean any external stakeholder, and thereby include partners, suppliers, dealers, etc… the self-service possibilities are endless.

How your partners/suppliers/dealers can serve themselves:

  • Case self-service, or perhaps even manage the customers cases.
  • Lead/Opportunity management
  • Certification management.
  • Manage their Company profile and the profiles of their employees.

xRMLink Portals for Dynamics CRM provide a low-cost, no-code platform to extend your CRM out to any external stakeholder. xRMLink configuration uses the same drag and drop customization in the CRM you are already familiar with and it runs in the Azure Cloud so it can scale to your needs.

Evolve your CRM vision in bring your customers closer. Re-leverage your CRM investment with relatively little additional effort.

Next steps:

  • View a quick video of xRMLink
  • Request a one-on-one demo of xRMLink
  • Check out our pre-configured solutions for the various self-service scenarios above
  • Build a custom xRMLink Portal configuration utilizing your custom CRM entities

Eugene Brownell
xRMLink Portal and Dynamics CRM Evangelist
Genbil Software
Portland Oregon

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