Why CRM Portals are so valuable

As we now enter 2016 and companies around the world dive into their technology initiatives for the year, the annual work of tacking problems with different solutions or extending them in whichever form is necessary in order to achieve the firms objectives begins to take shape. In terms of Dynamics CRM, the release in Q4 last year 2016 means that these endeavours become all the more important and valuable.

The goals of the release of CRM 2016 were to include improved integration with Office 365 and Azure machine learning; continuation of mobile; inclusions of the recently acquired FieldOne and FantasySalesTeam applications; and a list of new CRM enhancements that includes tighter integration with Excel/Word and some improvements to the Outlook client, and last but definitely not least new customer service capabilities!

The reason I bring this up is that companies that are looking to make a CRM migration to 2016 and are looking to take advantage of the increased service case functionality, especially if they are a company with a dealer model or have been running into challenges with trying to figure out how to manage and or deal with external stakeholders, should seriously consider the value of what a CRM portal would bring to the table. Implementing a portal can help a company give the right information and access to the right people without giving them full access to their CRM as an admin or an end user.

The top benefits of extending CRM through the use of a portal include:

1. Driving increased revenue opportunities
2. Increased productivity but allowing the external stakeholders timely access to info
3. Allowing input from external stakeholders giving them the ability to manage information themselves
4. Improves customer, partner, dealer communication allowing for strong business relationships.
5. Online registration and management for events.

With this in mind, the question then becomes in what form should a company utilize a portal? There are many ways this can be done and a here is a good link of some examples

The ability to streamline different business processes and allow for a good portion of work to be done by the external stakeholder rather than a CRM end user cannot be overstated. Even though a portal could seem like a very simple concept, the ability to allow an employee who is tasked with doing lots of manual data entry into CRM and have that work be done by an external stakeholder allows for allocating resources that previously have not been possible making that simple concept an absolute no brainer.

Here at Genbil our xRMLink portal does exactly that. It gives companies the ability to extend their CRM’s to external stakeholders using their current CRM configurations and it is all on Azure so no infrastructure overhead or code needed. We have some exciting new functionality for 2016 on the horizon and have rapid growth in store this year!

Marcel deLisser
Solutions Architect
Genbil Software

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