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Welcome xRMLink Portals

Finally there’s a flexible and affordable way to extend your Dynamics CRM out to your non-CRM users. Engage your partners, dealers, or customers deeply by including them right into one or more of your business processes. Whatever your business processes are, you have CRM users managing the flow of information within your CRM and non-CRM…read more

Why CRM Portals are so valuable

As we now enter 2016 and companies around the world dive into their technology initiatives for the year, the annual work of tacking problems with different solutions or extending them in whichever form is necessary in order to achieve the firms objectives begins to take shape. In terms of Dynamics CRM, the release in Q4…read more

Enhanced Business Process Flow Navigation with Dynamic CRM

The Dynamics CRM 2015 spring update brings many great new features to the platform. This blog will discuss the exciting new features for business process flows that will enhance productivity and ease of use in Dynamics CRM. We will specifically look at the new “Set Active” function as part of the enhanced business process flow,…read more

Ready to Upgrade to CRM 2015?

With our unique approach, we can help you upgrade to Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2015. Let us analyze your current deployment and propose an upgrade path.

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